Kubota Tractor Manufacturing Facility

Sector: Industrial

Kubota-Manufacturing-FacilityTo add to its existing manufacturing facility on an 88-acre site in Jefferson, Georgia, agricultural machinery manufacturer Kubota Industrial Equipment constructed a new manufacturing facility to produce compact tractor models. The facility encompasses approximately 484,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 2,000 square feet of hazardous materials storage/use space, 6,000 square feet of office space, and 7,000 square feet of cafeteria space. It supports a production capacity of 22,000 units each year.

KBD Group provided architecture and engineering services for the project and asked Fisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) to perform fire protection engineering design, life safety design, and construction period services as part of the design team. Specifically, FEI provided code analysis and code consulting services, performed explosion venting calculations, developed a code narrative for submission to local building officials, and reviewed the architect-engineer’s drawings for compliance with the code narrative.


Kubota Industrial Equipment


KBD Group


Jefferson, GA

Services Provided

  • Code analysis
  • Code consulting
  • Explosion venting calculations
  • Development of code narrative for submission to local building officials
  • Review of A/E drawings for compliance with code narrative

Construction Cost

$73 million


522,000 SF

Completion Date