K-12 Education

Our schools contain our most precious assets: our children. Keeping those children safe during the school day is crucial. That’s why fire protection and life safety systems are critical to the design of any K-12 facility.

Fisher Engineering takes the responsibility of protecting children from fire hazards extremely seriously. We know how to design, engineer, and assess systems to ensure that children and those who teach them are protected, while also preventing false alarms and other malfunctions.


Elementary, middle, and high school facilities vary widely in size and often house a variety of functions and facility types—such as labs, theaters, kitchens/cafeterias, and more. Fire protection and life safety requirements vary, too, depending on the facility type involved. Moreover, school systems are often constrained by a tight budget and need to make the most of their investment in their buildings’ safety. Fisher Engineering helps K-12 clients make risk-informed decisions about the degrees and types of fire protection available for each function and to assess their impact on the project’s budget.