Litigation and Forensic Engineering

Fisher Engineering has provided forensic engineering and litigation support for a wide array of cases. Our broad range of fire service experience and our in-depth fire protection engineering expertise help us to serve as a valuable resource during litigation, and our practical experience allows us to see all sides of the litigation problem. Our forensic engineering expertise helps us to determine why a complex fire protection system may have failed.

Our litigation and forensic engineering services include:

  • Field Investigation and Evidence Analysis
  • Fire Alarm and Suppression System Failure Analysis
  • Code Consulting and Review
  • System Performance Analysis
  • Fire and Smoke Spread Analysis/Modeling/Simulation
  • System Testing/Retro-Commissioning
  • Expert Testimony
  • Comprehensive File Review
  • Identification of Subrogation Potential
  • Computer Fire Modeling
  • Evidence and Deposition Review
  • Attorney Consultation
  • Deposition and Trial Testimony