Maricopa County ITR and Detention Center, Phoenix, Arizona

Maricopa County ITR and Detention Center

Arrington Watkins Architects was selected by Maricopa County to provide design services for the design and construction of a new, 170,000-square foot intake-transfer-release (ITR) building and a 247,000-square foot housing facility for 1,280 inmates. The buildings are separate but connected by a corridor. The project is intended to replace aging facilities on the county’s Durango Campus.

Arrington Watkins chose Fisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) to provide code consulting, fire protection engineering, and life safety design services for the project as part of the design team.  As part of our services, FEI worked with the design team to optimize the smoke barrier location so as to minimize mechanical smoke exhaust systems. FEI also performed a detailed egress analysis to ensure proper paths of egress were provided for all occupants, whether restrained or not.


Maricopa County


Arrington Watkins Architects


Phoenix, AZ

Services Provided

  • Development of code narrative
  • Development of basis of design (FS/FA) narrative
  • Life safety drawings
  • Fire alarm drawings and specification
  • Fire sprinkler drawings and specification


$125 million (est.)


417,000 SF

Completion Date