North Laraway Unloading Facility

North-Laraway-Unloading-FacilityWhen Joliet Bulk, Barge & Rail, LLC decided to build a new crude oil rail unloading facility in Joliet, Illinois, Fisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) provided code consulting, fire protection system design and construction support services as part of the design team. The overall fire protection concept needed to account for the limited resources of the responding fire department

The North Laraway Unloading Facility is a rail unloading facility consisting of four parallel rail tracks of 30 cars each, with space to accommodate a doubling in size of the facility in the future. Crude oil is unloaded from the rail cars and pumped to one of two aboveground storage tanks, again with space to allow for eventually doubling the storage capacity by adding two more aboveground storage tanks. Each tank is 150 feet in diameter.

FEI’s specific services included developing a fire protection design concept for the site; presenting the overall concept to the building/fire officials, developing fire protection construction documents, responding to contractor RFIs (requests for information) during bidding and construction, reviewing contractor submittals, performing in-progress installation reviews, functional performance testing, and training the local fire department on the fire protection system’s operation and use.


Joliet Bulk, Barge & Rail, LLC


Wilson & Company, Inc.


Joliet, IL

Services Provided

  • Development of design concept
  • Meeting with local building/fire officials
  • Development of construction documents
  • Construction period support
  • Functional performance testing
  • Fire department training



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