Freescale Building E Fab

freescaleFisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) was engaged by Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. to provide fire protection engineering and design services for the replacement of the sprinkler system at Freescale Semiconductor’s Building E Fab Level. Freescale Semiconductor is a global provider of secure, embedded processing systems.

Building E Fab [Fabrication] had two wet pipe sprinkler systems that were installed in 1994 and used threaded, 316 stainless steel pipe that had developed leaks in various locations. The project objective was to completely replace the sprinkler system back to the risers.

To meet this objective, FEI performed field survey work, developed as-built drawings of the existing system, validated the existing system’s design through hydraulic calculations, prepared engineering drawings based on the design criteria and water supply provided by Freescale, and created a new design that replicated the existing pipe routing, hanger locations, and sprinkler locations as much as possible.


Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Chandler, AZ

Services Provided

  • As-built drawing development
  • Design submittal development (95% and 100%)
  • Submittal review meetings

Construction COST



45,000 SF

Completion Date

August 2015