Internap Colocation Facility

Internap-Colocation-FacilityWhen Internap Corporation, a leading provider of colocation services, decided to expand its existing Atlanta data center, the company engaged KBD Group to provide architecture and engineering services for the project. In turn, KBD asked Fisher Engineering, Inc. (FEI) to perform fire protection engineering and life safety design, as well as construction period services, as part of the design team.

As a collocation facility, Internap’s data center provides equipment, space, and bandwidth for rental to retail customers. Phase I of the data center’s expansion included converting approximately 17,000 square feet of existing office space in downtown Atlanta to a data center with associated support areas. Per the Internap basis of design, the data center was protected by a preaction sprinkler system.

The newly expanded data center features a modular design for greater reliability and flexibility. Its state-of-the art technology allows for high-density power and high-efficiency cooling options, as well as advanced security and protection features. Also included are tech rooms, customer lounges, conference rooms, storage areas and offices.


Internap Corporation


KBD Group


Atlanta, GA

Services Provided

  • Site visit/field verification
  • Construction documents development
  • Shop submittal review
  • In-progress installation reviews
  • Functional performance testing
  • Final site review

Construction Cost

$9.5 million


17,000 SF

Completion Date